Sandcastles and Sculptures on Maui / January 2010

Unfortunately all of the photos are taken from the camera on my phone and are not the best quality, but hey…

Jan 19, 2010

Surrealist hand unzipping the sand to reveal young turtles heading to sea. Done in 3.5 hours  using custom tools and forms with 2 people.

handzipper sandcastle 011910_5

handzipper sandcastle 011910_4

handzipper sandcastle 011910_3

handzipper sandcastle 011910_2

handzipper sandcastle 011910_1

Jan 15, 2010

These went fast. 2 people.

pirate rum quick sandcastle 011510_1

pirate rum quick sandcastle 011510_2

pirate rum quick sandcastle 011510_3

More to come in the next few days hopefully!

Jan 22, 2010

Tried to go high, but the sand wouldn’t hold (too far from the break and the sand was grainy). Progress photos is all we have, so not much to show for! 4 hours including pound up…bummer.

failed castle_2

Mathew climbed up to the top after helping us pound up. Thanks Mathew!

failed castle_1failed castle_4failed castle_5failed castle_3

Then it all COLLAPSED! Bad sand.


  1. Bert says:

    Did you do these?
    Do you live on Maui?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I did these back in 2010 with the help of my father (who you could catch building some great sculptures on the weekends on Maui).

    I dont live there currently, but try to make it out there every year to “pound some sand”. My site is a bit out of date….

  3. Hi Glenn:
    Was wondering if your father still lives in Maui and still does sandcastles?
    I have a client in Honolulu that might be interested in building one in the Convention Center.
    If you have contact info, would love to connect with him.

    /* contact info edited */

  4. Phani Bhushan says:

    It is a very good information. and i have a question how long this castle will. Is there any solutions to be it long time in outdoors ?. If you have this information please send to “” . I am from India please if you have send me without fail.

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