Fight Club Like Soap using Photoshop and font (PSD included)

I searched and searched like you did for a “.psd” of the fight club bar of soap.

It’s a photoshop file and uses styles and an editable font (FightThis @ DaFont). It is far from perfect, but it is convincing enough. It is not high-resolution, so you wont be doing any large-scale printing with it, but its plenty big for fun web stuff.

What I did was flatten the text, and use the burn and dodge tool to emphasize and work the 3d text. Also, use the clone tool put bubbles closer to the text and make it feel like it fits in…you know the drill.

Snapshot of UNMODIFIED PSD file:



  1. Richard says:

    cool thanks, can you please reupload this as the link is down

  2. admin says:

    Link working, found a new one

  3. Hi – filesonic won’t let me download this, any chance you can email it me or reupload to mediafire or something? You’ll be making my mate’s birthday! Great work btw.

  4. Dennis says:

    Nice work

  5. AKG says:

    Thanks, this was so helpful!

  6. gabe says:

    is this psd files still available? if so can I please have the link

  7. Julian says:

    Hey is there a chance someone can re-upload the psd file? Thanks!

  8. Thank you man, i found your work really usefull!

  9. Tom says:

    Thank you! You ROCK

  10. SAK says:

    Hey- the link is down again. I’d really appreciate it if you reupload the psd file.

  11. JAMmin says:

    With respect to glennmerdan, I have uploaded the PSD zip file to another server because it is unavailable here. Admin, feel free to erase this message once the link above is repaired. Conversely, you may use my link to repair your link should you wish. Thank you for your hard work.

  12. T73 says:

    Hi, does someone still has the PSD zip file?

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