Create a free website using Weebly – Make advanced changes

Weebly is an awesome way for non-tech savvy users to create websites on their own. Their advanced image uploading system lets users upload and resize images with ease. I’d easily argue that Weebly Drag-and-Drop builder is 10 times easier to use than Microsoft Word!

Best Features of Weebly

  1. It’s Free and Easy.
    For something that should cost about $20 a month, your getting the best deal on the web for people new to creating websites. The WYSIWYG Drag-and-Drop Builder ( Pronounced like wizzy-wig, What You See Is What You Get) is designed intuitively and I am sure you will find it easy to update your own website and avoid costly web designer edits. It’s free to create a website, so why not sign up for a  free website and try yourself?
  2. Unlimited and Unmetered Hosting
    If you know what bandwidth and storage space are, with the free version of weebly, you get both for free. If you are unfamiliar with the terms, Weebly makes it so easy and removes the headache, so don’t worry about it!
  3. Advanced web design features
    Weebly makes it easy to add video, music and image galleries. You can even add advanced contact forms and google maps with a simple click and drag!
  4. Shopping Cart Features
    The pay version of Weebly (which is reasonably priced through offers an easy way for users to implement the option of selling items on their website with considerable ease. Keep in mind that there are merchant fees on top of Weebly fees.
  5. No Advertising
    One of the biggest pains of using free hosting is usually the advertising that is forced onto websites. Weebly’s free version is doesn’t do any of that except for a little “Powered by Weebly” button on the footer of your webpage.
  6. Use your own
    Also, for a minimal fee a year (~$15/year) you can get a domain name. A domain name is It’s the name that people can type into the address bar and arrive at your website. My domain name is If you already have a domain name with another provider, its easy to use it as well!
  7. Some pretty awesome web templates
    Weebly knows how to make good generic web templates that can be adapted to fit many different genres of websites. Browse through their 70+ templates and see if you can find one you like. Weebly also allows custom template editing using HTML/CSS and other code.

With thousands of websites hosted by Weebly, it should be no surprise that are thousands of websites using identical templates. I have helped a few companies design custom templates to help them separate and brand themselves using a DIY website. I would be glad to help you with yours. It is time-consuming and my services are not free (as cool as that might be). Typically custom Weebly templates cost around $200 – $500 and vary in complexity and features. The best way would be to shoot me an email or call me with your project, but feel free to create a free website and start adding content first. Changing templates does not affect content!

I’d be glad to help with any Weebly-related question. Just post in the comment area so it can help others as well.


  1. Cool designer says:

    Making a website is really not that tough, and top of all, you can create a website or more website for free.
    Building a website is a extremely individual skill and is different with each client.
    It is more about revealing your business to new probable clients and generating new sales.

  2. Justin says:


    I´m trying to design some websites for some businesses in Bogotá, Colombia. One requested the design to be similar to their competitor TGI Fridays, and it seems like a Flash website builder would have that sleek look rather than a Weebly template. I´m interested in having the option of doing Flash sites so please let me know if you have a recommendation of a different builder. Wix seems nice, but you have to upgrade for each website to make it professional.

    I like weebly because I´m upgraded already and you can make several websites on 1 account. I´m also considering Yola since it has more templates, but it seems way too similar to Weebly to upgrade.

    How much would it be, if possible for you to create a weebly site template similar to the link below?

    Thanks for your time,


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