New Server – In California!


After hassling with sub-par, second-hand, decade-old servers pulled from the fiery depths, I finally finished transferring my other servers (and side projects) to a small farm of future proof servers in Fremont, CA.

Excuse me while I have a small nerd party. It is by, almost every account, connected directly to “back-end” of the internet at speeds that make me drool slightly. Battery power back-up good for days without replenishment. A redundant RAID 10 drive array for headache-free data backup. Dual Xeon L5520 servers (3) with efficient load balancing for web and mail services. They are also connected to my in-home render farm, to take over some of the left-over legwork if the activity is low enough. By having this ideal setup, I am easily able to push updates from my local SVN server out to my secure, extremely fast, production servers. A few of my current projects benefit greatly from the increased power and dramatically speed up the development and testing of CPU and bandwidth intensive process.

Nerd party out.

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